Miss Marple Offers a Spot-On Guide for Aging Well

Since 1926, when a 60-year-old Miss Marple solved her first murder, Agatha Christie’s character has entertained generations of young and old alike. If you are looking for tips for a challenging and fulfilling life, Miss Marple may be a senior’s best example. One blogger managed to read every one of Christie’s 77 books and gathered five fundamental life-affirming principles that make Miss Marple a spunky and vivacious ‘little old lady.’ 

Since so many younger people assume seniors can’t hear, she used it to her advantage to eavesdrop on clandestine conversations in hotel lobbies. Younger generations will accept a senior’s befuddlement as standard, and so Miss Marple adeptly left behind her keys or gloves to revisit the scene of a crime with no one guessing her intentions. If people were going to underestimate her as a senior, she took the opportunity to outsmart them! 

While she lived her entire life in a quaint, sleepy town in England, police often called on her to investigate murders in faraway places. She was quick to venture off on adventurous travel and new experiences. Even if she wasn’t in the Caribbean or the Devon Shore to solve a mystery, murder arrived at her doorstep as fast as a body could drop to the ground. 

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