30 minutes a day changes your Body – & Fall is here!

We are approaching gorgeous Fall days.. and what better time to carve out that 30 minutes you know can take place for a great walk. It won’t surprise you to read about the six ways your body changes when you just carve 30 minutes a day to take a walk. Research finds that just a mere 30 minutes a day has a profound impact on your body. Think of the powerful feeling of accomplishment when you check it off your list each day. It will increase your mood, decrease your blood pressure, and improve your sleep. Your sleep aids, anti-depressants, and blood pressure medication may end up in the trash!

Want to gain some gray matter? One study showed a group of 72-year-olds who walked 72 blocks per week had measurably higher brain tissue levels, resulting in you thinking, solving problems, and processing information more efficiently. Another study found that people who walked four months had lower abdominal fat and overall fat mass. People who exercise regularly outlive sedentary people by six years. You will be brighter, leaner, and live longer!

As if the benefits aren’t enough to make you happier, it turns out if you spend time walking in green spaces like a park or the woods, brain scans showed a reduction of negative rumination. Good thoughts will creep into those brain cells without even trying. 

Follow this LINK for an article that notes six ways your body changes when you walk 30 minutes a day. It’s such a short time for such significant benefits!