Finding Purpose with a Small p: who do you want to be now?

One-third of seniors have trouble finding purpose once they retire. Purpose is critical to health, healing, happiness, and longevity. However, curing cancer doesn’t have to be your purpose. Purpose with a small p means exploring what you love to do and matching it to your passions and values. It can be a simple as offering a comforting hug to someone in need. 

Your purpose lies within you. To unlock your purpose as you age, you can ask yourself a set of questions. What was the finest chapter in my life, and how can I use those qualities in your next chapter? How can I grow and give? Who is your aging hero, and what qualities do they exemplify?

If you make appointments with yourself to ruminate over these questions, you may find it easy to find your purpose. Surround yourself with the type of people you can share conversations with and who will offer motivation to act on it. 

Follow this LINK for an article that offers exercises to help you develop your purpose and promotes a book titled Who Do You Want to Be When You Grow Old?