New 5 yr Study Explores the Impact of CCRCs on 5000 Seniors in 29 states

For the first time, a five-year study explores the overall impact of living in a CCRC by analyzing residents’ cognitive, physical, and psychosocial health and overall well-being. A yearly survey will compare seniors living in a CCRC to a control group not living in a CCRC. 

The first year’s results are promising. The 5000 seniors living in 80 CCRCs in 29 states have greater emotional, social, physical, intellectual, and vocational wellness when compared to the control group. They report more healthy behaviors and feel a greater sense of connectedness to their community. People in the South and West of the country reported greater life satisfaction than those in the Midwest and Northeast regions. There also seemed to be better life satisfaction in those CCRCs with 300 or more residents. 

What many seniors believed all along is now backed by research. Many knew that living in a continuous care retirement community offers numerous advantages such as healthy meals, exercise programs, learning opportunities, and fun field trips. The ability to turn to compassionate care when a health issue arises makes the CCRC even more appealing. Now researchers are offering proof that CCRC residents lead happier, healthier lives.

Follow this LINK for an article that describes what the researchers found in the first year and what they will research in the subsequent years. If you are considering a CCRC, this may be the information you want!