The Answers are Here: especially when you’re struggling with your parent

Some of us are already dealing with new issues as our parents age before our eyes, and some are anticipating that time is around the corner..  Whether it’s a range of behavioral issues or problems within a senior living community, or perhaps they won’t talk to you about their health leaving serious concerns in your mind, or even more challenging – you live too far away!  Even when you don’t know what to do, that’s when a GCM (Geriatric Care Manager) is the solution.  A few hours consultation can be enough for certain situations, or it may grow to a part time or full time if your family needs that kind of support.

Whether you need to bounce ideas off someone else before making tough decisions or need to turn to an experienced professional, a GMCs goal is to improve a senior’s life and help relieve family stress. 

If you have a parent who is in denial about their health, or one that doesn’t want to burden you with their troubles, then getting the help they need can be next to impossible. If you turn to a GCM, you may find they defuse the tension, and your parent may open up to them in ways they can’t open up with you. 

One big fear in caring for your parent is not knowing the right road to take. Should your parents move to an assisted living facility? Should someone check on them daily in their home? A GCM deals with these situations frequently. Sharing your concerns with someone experienced may offer you alternatives that make sense. 

Follow this LINK to read five situations where hiring a geriatric care manager is worth it. You could reduce anxiety and learn something you haven’t thought of with two to three hours of consultations.