Learning to Surf After Fifty

You’re never too old to learn a new sport. Most people who grew up near the ocean enjoyed years of body surfing, but now they are buying boards and learning to hang ten! As the ‘older generation gets younger, more and more seniors are taking to the waves with a surfboard in hand.

Surfing offers an excellent full-body workout. Ninety-five percent of surfing is paddling! You will tone your upper body as you swim out to find the waves. As with any new sport, finding a good instructor will help you catch that first wave.  Having someone teach you correct positioning and push you into your first wave makes the journey more manageable. You’ll learn to pop up on the board and can practice at home on any flat surface. The quicker you are on your feet, the faster you’ll be able to hold your balance on the board. 

As you dive into the intricacies of surfing, be sure to relax. Learn to laugh with each fall from the board. Who cares what anyone thinks? You’re having a ball!

Follow this LINK to an article that offers ten tips for new surfers over 50-years-old. You’ll be singing Beach Boys tunes in no time flat!