19 Secrets for Seniors – or anyone who loves a good deal!

Ever heard of RaTO? Most of us haven’t but if you were born before 1964 and have a mortgage, you definitely want the scoop! You could qualify to save $3,588 per year off your mortgage – seriously! The program is active currently but the rules will probably change soon so get on board now.

Most of you know by now that CBD gummies don’t get you “high” but they are amazing for relieving joint pain, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, inflammation, etc!   From Neck Relax to Miracle Sheets to Styletto X which is a revolutionary and very affordable Bluetooth hearing aid, there are Senior discounts and other discounts you should know about – read more HERE

By the way, I am definitely getting one of those “Better Butter Spreader” tools for myself, my mom, and even my kids..