Should Your Parent Age in Place? 

As usual, it depends on who you ask…  adult children are typically in favor of their parents moving to a community with peers and nursing staff, while 90% of seniors surveyed prefer to age in place, in the comfort of their own home for many reasons. No amount of luxury or social activity can replace the feelings some seniors have of being in a home known to them for decades. If your parent cherishes the comfort of the familiar, disrupting this security could prove detrimental. The worn sofa and old television may be just what the doctor ordered for someone who finds peace at home. Making their surroundings safer may take a lot less time than traveling from senior facility to senior facility researching the new, perfect place for them. 

Many seniors leave home for a community living residence believing that it will be safer and healthier. What some studies show is that feelings of homesickness create stress and depression. What was supposed to be a positive move turns into more cognitive and physical decline. Community living also leaves seniors more vulnerable to bacterial and viral infections. 

There are tremendous advantages to a retirement community, and they provide positive outcomes for a myriad of seniors. When you introduce a loved one to these options, be mindful of their personality and what is important to them. Aging in place may be the best alternative.

Follow this LINK to an article that provides four benefits for aging in place. Tough decisions often have simple solutions.