What can be positive after a Dementia diagnosis?

We try to incorporate wit and humor in our blogs on AgingTopic, but there’s not much humor in a diagnosis of dementia.¬† However, there’s much to be gained by listening to this interview with Chrissy who was diagnosed at 55 yrs old after her first stroke. Her experience dealing with the initial reaction of how bleak her life looked, to the incredible change toward having hope and a life full of meaning and purpose is an inspiring story, and one which can apply to many people who do or will face this diagnosis. From the Dementia Alliance International (DAI) organization support to her advice regarding support for family members helping care for those with dementia, to support directly aimed at those newly diagnosed, this is a great resource for all of us in light of the fact we will at some point know of a family member or friend or our own personal story involving dementia.

Take the time to listen to this interview HERE