“Mindfulness” activities help all of us live Better!

Don’t worry – we aren’t asking you to sit cross legged on the floor with your eyes closed…  but it’s the little things you can be doing starting right now that can make a big difference.  Building mindfulness into your everyday life can be as simple as journaling or paying attention to the small moments when cooking or playing golf. 

The key to mindfulness is attention to the present without judgment. Most people have a challenging time with stillness, especially if your mind jumps to errands and to-do lists three seconds into a mindful exercise. Try active mindfulness. Walking in a wooded area can calm the brain and put it into a meditative state, as does being creative in painting, writing, or playing an instrument. It even counts if you are creatively doodling on your gas receipt! Breathe deeply and you will raise your oxygen level in the blood and lower your heart rate. It all hinges on staying in the present, even if only for a short time as you begin. 

Mindfulness activities have the potential to alleviate depression and improve senior’s sense of well-being. It can also protect against future stress factors by improving sleep and strengthening the immune system. 

Follow this LINK for an article that details the importance of mindfulness in everyday life. Then, relax and enjoy the moment.