When do you call for a Geriatric Care Manager

One hardly thinks of hiring one, especially if parents are still managing quite well on their own. However, what happens during an important business meeting or when pick-up for your children is in 30 minutes, and your parent calls having just broken her arm? Or.. if you live across the country, do you jump on a plane that evening? Maybe soliciting a GCM ahead of time would serve to decrease a lot of stress of potential emergencies. Many seniors are unfamiliar with Geriatric Care Managers (GCM) since they are a newer specialty in eldercare.

Most siblings hardly agreed with each other when they were younger. Why would it be any different as adults? A GCM can diffuse family conflicts and offer objective advice. It is much easier to take advice from a professional than a sibling, who was a know-it-all since the beginning of time! 

Most caregivers find themselves caught between the needs of their children and their parents. You owe it to yourself to introduce someone who can observe the situation, make recommendations, handle doctor’s appointments and medication pick-ups, and even provide a bill-paying service to manage overdue invoices. 

Follow this LINK for an article that lists other scenarios that may ring true for you and ways a GCM can offload stress in your life.