55 yrs old +: Procrastinating on Establishing an Estate Plan…

With so much to look forward to each day while you are alive, it makes perfect sense to avoid planning for what happens when you aren’t. Another game of pickleball is undoubtedly more rewarding than getting down to the nuts and bolts of your estate. Many people believe an estate plan is a tool only for the wealthy without realizing its benefits to all. There are five easy steps to establish an estate plan. You can chip away at them in between your golf or gardening activities. 

You may realize you can minimize probate costs, protect your privacy, and find ways to save on taxes by establishing an estate plan. The first step is to choose a power of attorney. You aren’t planning on being incapacitated any time soon; however, your next bike ride could prove you wrong! Having someone with authority to pay your medical bills, manage your insurance, and get the medical care you want diffuses many tensions for those around you. You may want to assign separate people for financial power of attorney and medical power of attorney.

Once you accomplish step one above, you are ready to begin steps two-five. Follow this LINK for an article that outlines all five steps. You’ll be back to playing the sports you love quickly!