Donation = Tax Deduction now + Income for You for Life after 65 yrs old !

Have your cake and eat it too! Being generous and then getting literally paid for it in the future sounds too good to be true, but this really works –

The link below spells out a true story of a couple who wanted to give to their favorite charity + they were also looking for a tax deduction, + they wanted to figure out how they could rely on retirement travel income… enter the triple crown winner: a Deferred Gift Annuity.   They worked with a gift planner and learned they could donate a stock they had purchased just a few years previous which had now appreciated in value significantly (vs selling it), and once they donated it to their favorite charity they would receive an immediate tax deduction, while also knowing once they turn 65, they would receive annual retirement payments for the rest of their lives.

This is definitely worth a quick review Read HERE, and then make a call to your Gift Planner or to Harrison Lance at (678) 978-5453 or [email protected]