Follow the Laughter to the Pickleball Court

One of the reasons given for the explosion of pickleball over the last decade is the laughter. One of pickleball’s more famous ambassadors stated that tennis players found themselves following sounds of others having so much fun and decided to try the new sport. The game is quick, easy to learn, and a whole lot of fun. The camaraderie is such that those who play are delighted to help others master the game.

Pickleball’s popularity stems from it being an excellent way to exercise, yet it is easy on the body. The social aspect of the game is most likely why people continue to return to the court. In 2016 there were 1.3 million players. Last year there were 4.2 million! That offers you a lot of people to enjoy while staying in shape. 

Once you play, you may find your competitive side finding a new home, and you could eventually qualify for The National Senior Games – if you are over 50. Even if you aren’t competitive, the lure of pickleball for good physical and mental fitness may entice you to the court. The heart-heathy sport has many advantages that are challenging to overlook. 

Follow this LINK to an article that introduces you to a gentleman who won the gold medal in pickleball at the National Senior Games and went on to be one of pickleball’s most enthusiastic ambassadors. See you on the court!