“Older” is getting Younger!

The best description given by the researchers of a new study published comparing 75 to 80-year-olds from different historical periods: “…our understanding of older age is old-fashioned”.

Most seniors in that age group don’t need science to tell them something they already know. Yes, 70 is now the new 30.

The study compared the physical and cognitive performance of 75-80-year-olds with the same age group from data collected around 1990. Maximal walking speed, isometric grip, and knee extension strength were ways the researchers examined the participants. The younger seniors born 30 years after the original group had better muscle strength, reactions speed, and verbal fluency.

The contemporary cohorts grew up in a different world than those who were old in 1990. Healthier nutrition, hygiene, and improvements in health care provide positives changes for today’s seniors. Life expectancy is longer today, and those people approaching 80 continue to have good functional ability. 

Follow this LINK for an article detailing why older people are getting younger and outperforming their peers from 30 years ago. It’s a great time to feel young!