“Pain relief” = a Care Manager to the Rescue

If you take pain relievers for a headache or for aches and pains, then apply the same logic to hiring a Care Manager for the Senior(s) in your family. Whether it’s their pain or your own emotional pain or frustration, you are far better off letting a professional guide you through decisions that could be complicated or stressful. A care manager knows the senior care industry and will more easily access resources to serve you and your family best. Your role as a supportive daughter or son is more important than your ability to navigate a myriad of issues. Bring in the expertise of a care manager so that you can make the best choices of the path to follow with your parent. 

A care manager will act as an advocate for you and yours, while maintaining communications with providers. They can monitor medical treatment compliance and coordinate all scheduled appointments with doctors. Just having someone to manage the day-to-day details could alleviate a tremendous amount of stress for you. During a crisis, a care manager can step in to diffuse tension and allow all family members to step back from emotional issues.

A care manager is a perfect antidote to burnout. When a family member lives two lives, one with their parent and one with their immediate family, no one is getting their full attention. Hiring a care manager is insurance towards avoiding mistakes or missteps. 

Follow this LINK for an article that clarifies when you should hire a care manager and offers detail on the advantages of having one. A care manager may benefit you the caregiver, as much if not more, than your loved one.