Food Delivery for Seniors, & an Affordable Chef in your home!

A home chef is no longer exclusively for the Hollywood star or professional athlete. Chefs for Seniors is a new affordable service that costs typically $12 – $13 per meal..  in the same range as more well-known food delivery companies. How would you like a chef to purchase the groceries, arrive at your home with nutritional ingredients, cook multiple meals, and then clean up the kitchen? Viola! You can enjoy the chef’s company and a week of delicious meals before they leave. 

If you want your favorite dish from a local restaurant, it is as easy as tapping a food delivery service like Grubhub or UberEats from your phone. Your meal often arrives in 60 minutes. Services like Blue Apron deliver ingredients, recipes, nutritional overviews, and even recommend a wine so you can prepare a hot meal at your convenience. 

Read HERE for the specific pros and cons that each service provides. Have fun choosing the best option for you.