Seniors using Robots, outside of the US

Perhaps we will see our own reality version of this soon which is a far cry from R2-D2 and C-3PO.. or is it?  For now, get the scoop in the article below on the progress being made in South Korea where Seniors are being introduced to robots who help them learn technology as they begin using smartphones, helpful apps, and kiosks to make life easier.

Their goal is to close the “digital gap between young people and seniors”..  and for those seniors who have trouble using these devices by themselves, “this makes them feel isolated from society.”

The humanoid robot, created by a startup company called Torooc, has expressive digital eyes and is designed to interact via facial recognition and voice responses. The positive feedback includes the sense that it can be tiring to go over the same things repeatedly, but a robot can repeat with a variety of responses until the seniors understand.  The majority of Seniors who have tested the robot have been satisfied and want to continue working with it.

There are many more applications and purposes outlined if you want to learn more: Read HERE