Fiber: dive into what you should know

Between the old memories of the song “I feel good!…” promoting a fiber product, to Saturday Night Live skits in the 80s which included one about a super high fiber cereal called Colon Blow, most of us have a passing knowledge of what fiber is when it comes to our diet, but why does it matter – especially as we get older?

Knowing the difference between foods that have soluble fiber and those with insoluble fiber, and the roles they play in our diet as we age is terrific information to have as you review your weekly intake.  Understanding that our average intake is about HALF of what our bodies really need – and how exactly we benefit from this combination of fiber sources – is excellent to learn as we head into the holiday seasons!  If you are over the age of 51, women should have a daily intake of 21 grams while men should have 31 grams.  Take a look at the link below:


Everything You Need to Know About Fiber