Change your Life by changing your Brain

The lead-in to this blog is the phrase that captured my attention right away –

“Why do we feel good in the mountains, looking at a fireplace, or by the ocean? It’s not the pretty landscape, it’s their vibration frequencies. Dr. Patrick Porter joins us to explain this phenomenon and shares how he is using sound & light to bring people to deep states of relaxation and inspiration..”

Although the podcast below is a discussion with Dr. Patrick for almost an hour, it will fly by and if you take the time to listen, you will learn a great deal abouy how his Brain Tap works, and why you may want to give it a try.

Neurscience has many applications to everyday life, but this story is captivating as it has been a very successful way to use sounds, light, and vibrations to change your brain – this can address alcoholism, depression, anxiety, and many forms of stress or sleeplessness.  It can also be a super booster to creativity and happiness.

There are different frequencies across the country and around the world.  The light from the sun sends pulsating light at a certain frequency. Mountain top sounds in spas from waterfall sounds to breezes in trees, use tones and frequencies for relaxing effects which is actually changing your brain wave frequencies.  Fires in fireplaces burn at 10 Hz frequncy which frequency is setting up your brain for pleasure and relaxation.   Crystals give off a frequency and an energy as well, giving the nervous system a chance to unlock and de-stress which happens through energy as well as sounds and vibrations.

Preparing for sleep it is best to practice the 4&8 practice: Breathing in for 4 and then breathing out for 8 which collects energy to re-set your brain waves.  Most people exist in the Delta brain waves for deep sleep, but the Theta brain waves are what we need most for quality sleep.  Most adults are missing Theta waves.

As you listen to him, you will learn that Alpha brain waves are the state in which we are most relaxed while awake, so for example when someone tells you that you need to stand up and speak to a large crowd, the alpha brain waves almost disappear completely for many of us with a fear of speaking to a large audience.

Light is also essential for communicating with your brain – so with the Brain Tap it uses light, sound & vibrations.  For just 20 minutes a day, you can benefit from this practice and see life-changing differences. Check it out: HERE