Most Seniors are Vitamin D deficient.. what’s the best solution?

Although a day in the sun helps increase the Vitamin D in your system, it’s the daily intake from lots of other sources that matters even more.  While 90% of natural Vitamin D comes from sunlight exposure, winter is coming and we will be more covered up with less sunlight on our skin.  You should know that 42% of Americans are deficient in Vitamin D, but most doctors no longer test for Vitamin D as part of a standard annual physical. It’s a key part of our immune system and low levels are affiliated with high blood pressure, diabetes, cancers, multiple sclerosis, poor sleep, and falls in older people .. to name just a few!

Vitamin D Essential Truths

There are plenty of foods high in Vitamin D which are increasingly important to consume in the winter .. so stock up on egg yolks, red meat, canned tuna or sardines & oily fish!  See more ideas HERE