10 Habits of the HROBs: Happiest Retirees On the Block

Perhaps an odd question for a Retiree.. but when’s the last time you couldn’t wait to get out of bed?   You may have enough money to sleep at night, but do you have enough purpose to get up in the morning?  Surveys of 2,000 households of retirees or those within a few years of retirement revealed what the happiest retirees know.

You can be set financially but if you have no real plans for how you will spend your time in retirement, it can lead to spiraling depression. Having a purpose and a balance of activities is key, and many of the happiest retirees find new core pursuits, or they they want to get better at the ones they have so they do a deeper dive into them.  Whether you tap into something out of curiousity or out of love and passion, you may find a pursuit you didn’t even realize can provide larger meaningful opportunities.  Read HERE  for more information and get ready to make your personal plan today!