41 Hottest Gifts of 2021 for Holidays ahead!

If you have to shop for that “person who has everything” or for a family member who wants something “different but useful” then here’s your one stop shopping spot! Feast your eyes on quick highlights and links to a very wide variety of gifts. Check out brighter garage lights at 6,000 lumens vs the standard 800 lumen bulb, or Nanosparkle cloths with metal powder and mineral oil which make scratches on your car disappear. How about an Odyssey weighted blanket that lets you feel like you’re being hugged, or RugGrips to both keep rugs in place and also stop edges and corners from curling up causing trip hazards.  If you keep hearing about the pain in their feet, give new Dr Sock Soothers for quick relief, or surprise them by replacing outlet covers with EcoPowerPlates which send out a light from the bottom of the cover to softly illuminate hallways or bedrooms or bathrooms at a cost of 10 cents a year to power!

Read HERE for more ideas for the handyman or woman who appreciates the purposeful stocking stuffer which has more appeal than a dust collector.