36 Thanksgiving crowd-pleaser Movies after the big meal

When you’ve had a day full of conversations and laughter while cooking and preparing the big meal, and after enjoying it around the table, sometimes the best idea is to settle down on couchs and chairs for a movie everyone can enjoy. Taking a breath and simply digesting everything (or catching a quick nap) is what some refer to a “turkey coma” but what I like to label “comfy bliss”.

This list is definitely worth a quick review.. aside from the Charlie Brown classic or Home Alone, there are also football themes, family reunions, road trips, or gearing up for Christmas.  Out of 36 favorites, it’s ok to watch an old favorite you’ve already seen or choose one that’s new to you! There are official trailers to help you make a choice that fits your audience whether you’re solo or with a crowd.  Read HERE for a great review!