Spotify for Seniors: music feeds the soul

Whether you whistle while you work, or play favorite tunes in the car, or enjoy music during a happy hour cocktail… music drums up happy memories and feelings of positive energy no matter how old we are.  With holidays ahead, and gifts to give… it could be as simple as taking the time to set up Spotify for the Senior in your life on their Tablet or cellphone.

Maybe you are 1) the type of Senior who can jump into instructions and set up your own playlist on Spotify or tap into other playlists with artists and music you know and love, or 2) you may be the adult children of Seniors in your life whom you know would enjoy Spotify once you set it up for them on their tablet or their phone.  While Tablets are the most widely used form of tech by Seniors, statistics also show that of the most popular streaming music platforms used by Seniors, Spotify is the most popular followed by Apple Music, Pandora, and Amazon Music.  Although there are other streaming platforms out there that Seniors enjoy, these rank highest.

For those interested in learning about good ideas for simplifying the process, read this link from Nicole Poor where she outlines in detail the results of surveys she did and the proposed methods for simplifying Spotify for Seniors which is logical and forward thinking!  This could be your sneak peek at the changes Spotify will make to the site..

Simplify Spotify

Until that happens, here is a helpful link for those who have put off installing Spotify so far.. there’s no time like the present for enjoying the holiday tunes along with all your favorites as you wrap gifts, drive errands, or enjoy cocktails with friends!  Or, make the most of your time when you are preparing dinner or taking the dog for a walk.. There are countless occasions to enjoy music, and once it’s at your fingertips the rest is easy!

Spotify For Dummies Cheat Sheet