6 Rarely Visited – & Fascinating – Countries

Sharing this list with you may mean a tourism boom in these six countries who each show off wonderful cuisine and cultural treasures unique to their history. Learn about secret destinations such as the Kingdon of Tonga in the South Pacific where you must enjoy a Tongan Feast when traditional dancers entertain while you have local dishes served on trays made from coconut fronds, or you can watch for flying foxes along incredible beaches and inlets. Brunei is a tiny nation on the island of Borneo where you can go jungle trekking or take canopy walks or swim in natural pools in their national park covering 120,000 acres.. where only 1% of their forest is accessible for visitors and this is one of the least visited countries in the world so here’s a way to make quite the impression with your Passport!

New Caledonia on the other hand is no stranger to scuba divers and snorkelers who flock to this archipelago in the Pacific Ocean which boasts one of the world’s largest barrier reef and the world’s second largest marine preserve. A shopping visit to the capital, Noumea, leads to French bistros, wine bars, seafood, gourmet markets, and high-end boutiques. Don’t leave without a visit to the Isle of Pines with its towering evergreens and turquoise waters..  The rest of the list won’t disappoint either with Moldova and their wines, Liechtenstein with their stretch of the Central Alps, & Saint Vincent and the Grenadines which is the backdrop for the Pirates of the Caribbean rounding out the group with their own fantastic allure.

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