Great range of 16 true “Champagne” choices

Cheers to the many bottles of Champagne (as well as Sparkling wines) which are popped at the end of the year whether for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years Eve!  Grab your champagne flute and get ready for a fantastic ride through this dizzying revelation of interesting facts about a broad range of champagnes.  Although you may already know the difference between a bottle of Champagne – which must only bear the name if it is produced in the region of Champagne, France – and a sparkling wine, it’s a great time to review this list of 16 favorites among Champagnes which range from $26 to $659.  From Best Value to Best Gifting to Best for Mimosas to Best Vintage vs Non-Vintage, you can be a resident expert the next time your family and friends gather together to toast the good times of 2021 and the future of 2022!

Personal tastes vary on serving notes; but many ardent fans agree with the wine director and co-owner of Los Angeles’ Covell: “I like to drink Champagne ice cold at the beginning, and prefer to leave it out of the ice bucket, on the table, to allow the wine to come back up to room temperature,” says Matthew Kaner. “In that manner, the bubbles dissipate and the wine opens up, gaining much more aromatic character. The last few sips are almost always divine.”  Learn more HERE

Following this article you will also see several more links to other previous 2021 Wine reviews from Best Italian Wines to Best French Wines etc, etc to even the Best Nonalcoholic Wines..  thank goodness since I may need a break come January 2nd!