Great Websites to be more friendly for Seniors

It’s not just Seniors who have issues with certain websites – many of us would rather eat dirt vs try to figure out how to make our way through the links and check out processes.  Enter companies such as Auriens Ltd, a luxury London senior-living development which has upgraded its website to make it very simple to maneuver for its target audience – check it out HERE  – as well as the Ageist website in the US where we occasionally refer to articles in our blogs about Senior lifestyle (Ageist).

The Wall Street Journal presents many opinions in the link below from consulting companies and other businesses as it relates to this trend in re-creating websites to make better efforts to cater to Seniors.  Streamlining, simplifying, using specific fonts and text sizes (including high contrast colors between the background and typeface) are all ways in which they are addressing issues such as deteriorating vision and dexterity.  As our Senior population – and their buying power – continues to grow larger, these are important issues that are overdue to be addressed. Read HERE  to get the entire picture!