Safe, effective nasal Treatment for Alzheimer’s that could also Prevent Dementia!

Who knew your nose could be a pathway to preventing dementia? I, for one, found the results of these studies with mice to be a fascinating & huge breakthrough which you are sure to hear more about in the coming months.  The research results (from Osaka City University in Japan) are anticipated to eventually create a treatment for us that is long-awaited.  “The nasal treatment consists of rifampicin and resveratrol which is safer and more effective at improving cognitive function than rifampicin alone. What is even more exciting is where the study is heading next: the development of a nasal spray to prevent dementia, not just treat it.”

Basically, dementia is caused when certain proteins accumulate in the brain and form oligomers. The antibiotic rifampicin removes oligomers from the brain and improves cognitive function but has negative side effects. Resveratrol, a naturally occurring antioxidant in plants, is used as a supplement to combat the negative side effects.  Great news is that the dosage in this study on mice, converted to the dosage needed for a human, requires a much lower dosage of rifampicin.

The development of a fixed-dose combination of rifampicin and resveratrol nasal spray is currently being carried out by Medilabo RFP, a venture company originating from the research team’s laboratory, & they have recently established a subsidiary in Massachusetts.

Read HERE  to learn more about the studies and their beneficial relevance for us in the near future.