Jaildogs & Canine CellMates bring about the best outcomes

Not much time is normally spent wondering what inmates do while in prison, but when you learn about Operation Second Chance which began in 2010, and Canine Cellmates in 2013, it’s clear that incredible change is happening for both the dogs and their inmate handlers.

It’s not just a program where inmates train dogs.. it is instead a way for 1) selected dogs who are on the euthanasia list in shelters to be rescued, vetted, trained and then homed.. and 2) selected inmates to learn from key speakers and trainers how to train dogs and be motivated to give 110% to the program not only while in the program, but also post-release.  With proven reductions in recidivism rates, these programs incorporate volunteer trainers, vets, and speakers who contribute their time & skills to help the inmates learn and give back, improving not only their lives but the lives of the dogs too.

Since 2010, Operation Second Chance HERE has rescued over 1500 dogs (and cats) who have found new families, and if you’re curious.. no taxpayer dollars are spent on this program as it is funded entirely by the Society of Humane Friends of Georgia!  Hopefully these programs in Georgia will be models for many more across the country.

For those of us who are suckers for a good story, CanineCellmates gives you a dozen Happy Tails here to warm your heart.