Lonesome No More

Almost a year ago, on Feb.19, a good looking elderly male came to share the rest of his life with octogenarian me. You can’t imagine how much he has taught me in 12 months, even though he is a Yorkie and I, a human.
He was highly stressed coming to live with me after spending 12 years of days and nights on his mistress’s king size bed with easy access to his outdoor potty area.
No such arrangement here, and I became even more stressed by cleaning up his poops from my rugs and pee from my floors. Over some months I found he managed with one relief outside when he first woke up (while I patiently waited) and another after his dinner.  Problem solved.
Now he loves his own bed at night and my chaise or my lap during the day, and now even follows me around.  He is a great companion, and loves his red and black lumberjack sweater in these colder months.  It’s been a great change from living alone to having his company every day.