The majesty of Whale-watching

Previously we highlighted in an AgingTopic blog the  mention of whale-watching in Monterey.. and we are following up with a link below to the 9 best whale watching sites in the world.  On your bucket list, there should definitely be a box to check for this!!

Magnificent Monterey!

To make your travel plans, Read HERE to set the schedule for where you can see whales “spyhopping” (popping their heads up to look around) and breaching as they soar out of the water, and you can catch them year round if you time it right!  For instance, going to San Juan Island between May and October you can catch them cruising close to shore, or from November through April you can see them often off the coast of Hawaii. Mexico offers sea kayaking to get close to these gentle giants.  South Africa and Sri Lanka offer special experiences – you can even book a tour with the Sri Lankan navy..  During the summer you have your best chance of seeing whales in the Scottish Isles where Orcas are commonly spotted off of the Orkney and Shetland islands year-round. Humpbacks, pilot whales, sperm whales, fin whales, and sei whales also migrate through the area, and basking sharks, porpoises, seals, and spectacular seabirds also call the islands home.