Add a little Color to your Life!

Have you ever walked into a bright beachy blue room and felt like you’re on vacation? An oak brown room and felt a blast from the past? These feelings are scientifically thought out just to affect your mood. Once you reach a certain age, you will be spending a lot of time at home. The colors that surround you really do change how you feel every day. 

Perhaps you find yourself somewhere with limited freedom when it comes to painting inside or outside walls or doors. In this case, keep in mind that there are always ways to incorporate the colors you want into your life at home. Even something as small as a throw pillow can make you smile as you walk into your bedroom. Imagine a fluffy pastel yellow on top of your white sheets giving you a breath of fresh air after a long errand. Think of a forest green blanket against your cream walls, introducing you to your blissful place of sleep. Even hanging a hot red wreath on your door can excite you as you walk in. 

Attached is a link to an article that includes a handy chart for typical moods associated with each color. Have fun making your place your own slice of heaven! 

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