Gardening Hacks for your comfort

Did you give up your gardening due to aches and pains? Life isn’t all about sacrifice… there is a sweet solution – I promise! Although I am still in my twenties, I’ve had knee surgery and a history of back pain. Looking down the line, I want to do anything I can to prevent it from getting worse, especially from hurting throughout my day-to-day life. 

At the moment, I live somewhere without a yard and therefore I moved my garden up onto a tabletop! Honestly, it’s turned my life around. I’m excited to get new plants, re-pot old ones, water and take care of them. It used to be so difficult to bend down and deal with the pain of getting back up, all the while convincing myself it was worth it. 

Fortunately, if tabletop gardens aren’t your thing, and you can’t wait to transform your yard into whatever type of garden you want, there are ways to do it pain-free! Attached is an article with doctor-recommended tips on what stretches to start with, how to bend down, how to let your tools help you, etc. Included are some tools that are out-of-the-norm; tools you wouldn’t have thought of, but may be game changers. He suggests cushioned kneelers and even curve-handled tools for those who may have arthritis. Spread the seeds and spread the joy! 

Gardening Doesn’t Have to Give You Lower Back Pain