Cooking series: “One-Pot” meal #1 = delicious simplicity

Welcome to our new series blog for Cooking Simple! We will release a new one-pot meal recipe each week and hopefully it’ll brighten your home and lighten your load. Everybody loves a delicious simple dinner that doesn’t create a bunch of dirty dishes. 

This week, as we move closer towards Spring, I want to give you a taste of that sunny, brisk weather with a one-pot Caprese Chicken Pasta.  As you cook everything together in one pot following the order of what goes in, using either chicken or vegetable broth instead of water, the pasta gets infused with flavor as it cooks and you only have one pot to wash! Immerse yourself into a hot meal that warms your insides, and prepares you for the hot summer months to come – 

For those of you who may be vegetarian or are on diets like keto, there are always fun ways to substitute! Especially nowadays, with plant-based meatless meats and low carb vegetable pastas. If people start to enjoy this series more, we will come out with different versions aimed directly at people with dietary restrictions or people on diets such as keto. 

Attached is today’s recipe, and keep in mind that plain non-fat Greek yogurt works well to make pastas creamy if heavy cream is too much for you – Enjoy!