Tea tree oil: quick natural cure for healing cuts on aging skin + more benefits!

Tea tree oil has become a necessity in my home. Not only does it help with acne, bugs, wounds, and oral care, it even doubles as sanitizer! The benefits of Tea tree oil seem endless.. and to top it off – it smells amazing! If you haven’t used it already, you must check it out. It’s available at any drug store and even Trader Joe’s! 

As we all get older, our skin becomes more sensitive. We bruise easier, our skin seems thinner and tears more easily, and it feels like it happens overnight. What a pain to wait for it to heal or try and cover it up with clothing or makeup! When I get scrapes, I clean it and always put some tea tree oil on it. After a good night of sleep, I awake and it’s tight and scabbed over. Almost every time, the scab falls off throughout the day and there is rarely a scar to show! 

Attached is an article about the different benefits and ways to use Tea Tree Oil. It truly is incredible to read what it can do. Keep in mind, if using it on skin, it’s best to put it on once in the morning and once at night – not to repeat use throughout the day. Also, run through the possible list of concerns at the end of the article, as not all people and pets react the same, but there are ways to test it first.  Although an effective mouthwash, it should never be swallowed.   

As Spring is here and we return to outdoor activities (and mosquitos..), keep your tea tree oil handy and let your skin, teeth, nose, and life enjoy this new addition!  Even the Mayo Clinic chimes in with encouragement about the benefits here