Incredible influence on your immune system: Cold Therapy – breathing techniques, 1 minute ice baths, etc..

Perhaps you heard of the benefits of cold water therapy, but have you heard about a spectacular man named Wim Hof.   Scientists insisted he was simply an anomaly. He heard about this and went on to train students with no experience of the cold to do the extraordinary. 

His achievements do not stop with cold exposure. He made numerous breakthroughs in science and health, again with students following his steps and proving that the mind-boggling data is possible with anyone. 

Nicknamed “The Iceman”, one of his 21+ records includes sitting in an ice bath for nearly two hours. He’s climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in shorts, and has run a half marathon above the Arctic Circle completely barefoot. Again, his feats do not stop with cold exposure. He has also run a full marathon in the Namib Desert without drinking any water (and even had a beer before water once he’d finished). Outstanding and unbelievable displays of human endurance, as well as human immunity. 

As you could guess, when he came out saying you can willfully influence your immune system, scientists were not too happy. They decided to experiment on him and all jaws were dropped when he proved the impossible. At first, they thought the same as they did about cold exposure – this man must be an exception! After experimenting on his students (Wim Hof practitioners), they proved the impossible as well. 

While you read these overwhelming facts, you might assume that this is something simply out of reach. Something interesting to read, but never to bring into your own life. Attached is the history tab of his own Wim Hof website, and includes his infamous breathing method. As a Wim Hof practitioner myself, I stand by it and everything he stands for. Of course, I haven’t trekked through snow in shorts or barefoot, but I swam in rivers and lakes in frigid Alaska and felt reborn as a result. While I lived in Colorado, there were months when the average sundown temperature was always below zero and his breathing methods kept me from shivering. His website also explains the benefit of health from cold water therapy, and that includes as little as one minute of a cold water shower all the way up to the extremity of hours in an ice bath. 

Educate yourself through the Ice Man who educated the world in the impossible.