Library Dates – could be romance or family fun

After a lifetime of movie dates, restaurant dates, and all the normal kinds of romantic outings, it might be time to try something new.

If you’re tired of the same question from the kids of what are we doing tonight? Here’s a different experience..

If the title of this article interests you, then you will absolutely love this idea. 

Libraries have become severely underrated over time. They’ve almost become ghost towns, despite everything they offer. Aside from books, they rent out movies, they have computers to access, printers to use, and the most underrated part – brilliant librarians. Let me intrigue you and convince you to put them back into your lives with “library dates”. 

Somewhere online, I once read this brief description of a library date idea and it got me thinking. Whoever posted it had one game in mind, but it can turn into various games – not only for a romantic date, but also fun for family and/or friends! 

Okay, so it goes like this: You go to the library and you pick a genre both of you are a fan of. For example, you pick the comedy section. Both of you pick a random book, open it to any page, and read aloud the funniest thing you can find on that page. Whoever has the funniest reading wins a point and you go again! This can be done in any section using any rules you want. Are you both into photography? Pick your book and page and whoever has the better picture wins the point! Do you want to change the rules? Anything is possible! Whoever’s picture has the most blue in it, or whoever’s book has the most imagery on the page. The list goes on forever. 

After hours of having fun playing games, you can end it with checking out a book or even renting a movie to unwind afterwards. Enjoy making libraries an exciting part of your life again, and thank you for reading!