Toilet Games – yes, you read this right..

As you get older, do you find yourself spending more and more time in the bathroom? Don’t let that bother you – play some games! No, I don’t mean on your phone or in a newspaper.   Welcome to a ridiculous article about fun games you can bring into your loo that make you go WOO! 

There’s a game for every type of person. Are you a Golfer? Have a nice game of putt-putt whilst sitting on your golden throne! More of a thrower? Work on your aim with a Dart board, or Ring toss, Fishing games, even a toilet Piano! Turn your feet into musicians and don’t waste any of those 180+ hours that each person spends on the toilet every year (on average). 

Check out the attached link Toilet Games for examples of these abnormally fun games, and remember you can click “cancel” when the website asks to send you notifications (nobody needs more of those).