One-Pot Meals – #2 Butter Chicken with a flair

With warmer afternoons and cooler nights among us, we have the opportunity to cook both spring and winter dishes as we wish. The dish this week is more of a winter dish, with the addition of being anti-inflammatory and being a little out-of-the-box. Almost everyone has cooked butter chicken, but this one has Indian cuisine influence and is absolutely delicious. Low carb and keto-friendly, but with the option of having naan, pita, or rice with it if you aren’t on a keto diet. 

Having my fair share of older friends, I noticed that as people age, they actually appreciate spice more and more. If you’re not a fan of hot spice, this is a perfect recipe for both tastes. It includes curry, coconut, garlic, and onion, but no cayenne or hot chili flakes (unless desired). 

If you are someone who does not have a crock-pot, like myself, you can still complete this recipe in one pot on the stove. Keep the heat on low (2-3 on the dial) for the sautee process, then raise it to medium (4-5 on the dial) and reduce the time on step 4 to 15 minutes. 

Enjoy! And don’t forget it’s fine for you to click the X on the initial (and only) pop-up.