DIY Wind Chimes

When I think of home as a young child, I think of the Buckeye tree in the backyard and the wind chimes that always made music when I finally felt that oh-so-wanted breeze across my face. Wind chimes hold a special place in everyone’s heart, whether they’re by your window in the big city, or in your yard hanging from a tree. Let’s make them even more special by building them ourselves! 

Attached is a link to twelve different kinds of wind chimes you can put together from materials in your own home. My personal favorite is the twig wind chime, but unfortunately it doesn’t make the typical wind chime music. Next up for me is the one with cookie-cutters and silverware! Having just moved, we have an excess of silverware now and rest assured, it will not go to waste! Check it out and invite your friends or family over to create some wind chimes that will create lasting memories! 

Wind Chimes