Top 5 Handy Travel Items

Spring is in the air and we are seeing a boom in travel with so many relaxed restrictions now.. Although plane tickets are already starting a steady climb in rates, you can still find bargains if you are flexible – so perhaps it’s time to try a new spot.. try reviewing all of our past Travel blogs on AgingTopic by going to the Travel category to find a large range from this Resort in the Florida Keys to these 6 rarely visited and fascinating countries

With gas prices already higher, don’t be surprised if we hit $10 per gallon by mid summer / early Fall as per analysts and forecasters.. so you will wish you had taken a road trip now vs later! Aside from bad gas news, the good news is that you can make plans Today for a trip, and take a peek at these handy travel items to bring along for your comfort.  Who doesn’t love a new gadget or clothing item at any age?

Whether you will be watching sporting events or wildlife, these large eyepiece binoculars have the option of doing very well with glasses, and if you scroll down to see the 12 x 42 High definition lightweight binoculars, they have a phone adaptor and foldable tripod that deliver an even brighter view and larger image!

12×25 Compact Binoculars, Large Eyepiece Waterproof for Adults, Easy Focus for Travel, Sightseeing

For the comfort combined with fashion, here are shoes for men and women that make the stroll around quaint towns or posh cities a treat with their padded heel cups and lightweight Comfort material – and come in a large array of colors to suit any personality!

Crocs Men’s Santa Cruz Loafers

Reebok Women’s Princess Shoe

Depending on how many days you plan to travel, these great laundry sink packets allow you to do quick mini-washes (3 items per sink packet) of all fabrics including delicates and face masks!  Why didn’t they come up with these years ago?

SinkSuds detergent for All Fabrics, (TSA Compliant), 8 Sink-Packets

Finally, for those of us who find dry lips when spending time outside in the summer or on windy beaches or sailboats, this is a fantastic lip balm which uses hemp, beeswax, vitamin A, and several natural oils (read their list!) while being gluten free .. nothing but organic ingredients.  I’m a raving fan!

LA LA LIPS – Hemp Lip Balm

There are several other interesting blogs in AgingTopic with Travel ideas to spark your imagination, and if you have a favorite spot you’d like to recommend, please feel free to write us a note at [email protected] so we can enlighten our nationwide audience.  We never know where the next bright ideas will come from!