Honey, I’m not sneezing anymore…

When I was younger, I was never affected by the ridiculous amounts of pollen that come with the glorious season of spring. As I grew older, something changed and I found myself always sneezing with itchy eyes and even headaches sometimes as the pollen arrived! Did you know there’s a delicious way to help relieve these symptoms which isn’t a medication? 

Honey helps! Not only is it always a good thing to buy locally, but in the case of spring allergies, eating locally made honey actually helps prevent allergy symptoms! It’s delicious and you don’t have to eat it by itself (I don’t). Surprisingly I’ve started replacing my sugar in coffee with honey and I absolutely love it. You could put it in your morning smoothie or drizzle it over your evening dessert. 

Have we all seen The Princess Bride? Remember the scene that describes how Wesley had become immune to poison by drinking a little every day? That’s how eating local honey helps you with your allergies! The bees make honey from local pollen and by ingesting it, it helps your body adapt and handle the airborne pollen with no problem. Not to mention, honey has a history of being praised for its antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. Buy local honey and feel better as the seasons change!