Bird in your face

Sometimes in the age of technology, it seems there’s little to no interest in anything outside the screen. Kids would rather play video games than tag, watch movies instead of charades, stay inside and avoid outside activities. Although some parents find it hopeless, there are many ways to intrigue people with something outside-the-box… and only achieved outside in real life! One thing that has gone viral on the Internet recently is up-close bird feeding! 

Can you imagine a bird flying up to you and feeding right in front of your eyes? If you can’t, no worries, you can see it actually happen in the attached link! Not only is this an incredible idea (that works), but it’s even better that it looks goofy! In short, the way this began was with a woman who had a pair of gigantic goofy glasses lying around and decided how she could actually use them. She cut a paper plate, got out some bird seed, tape, a blanket, and set up outside to wait for the birds to come! Filming the whole thing, she posted it and people went crazy for it! Now, there are people with make-shift humming bird masks and more! 

This activity is one for the books. You can do it alone, with your partner, with your friends, children, even grandchildren! Sit around and turn your screen into a real life experience! Check out the Bird Lady here.