You Want Me To Drink What?

In this new day & age, everybody seems to be raving about new health studies – and I can’t blame them! As we progress, so should our view on how we treat our bodies. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that this becomes even more important as we get older. Of course we should all try to have the healthiest diets possible, but what about things we don’t think about? 

Black coffee has many benefits, including being good for your liver, reducing the chances of heart disease, parkinsons, cancer, alzheimers, and more, and last but not least boosting your mood for the day! Can it get better? I’m here to tell you that it can actually be better! 

New mushroom coffee companies are booming. You can buy them in the grocery store or order them on amazon to be delivered straight to your door. With all the benefits of coffee included, it brings even more to the table! Including: balancing your gut bacteria, helping with insomnia and restlessness, lowering cholesterol levels, relieving anxiety and inflammation, supporting memory, focus, and nerve health, and managing your blood sugar levels. 

Time for the big question – Does it taste like mushrooms? No! It doesn’t! It is just as delicious as your favorite morning coffee and is incredible for your health. Go ahead and google some brands you’d like to try, and test it out for your new, healthier morning routine!