Your Journaling = Permanence of Stories for Future Generations

Italian poet Cesare Pavese once said “ We don’t remember days, we remember moments”   This quote rings true for people of all ages.  As years grow weary on the mind, it’s nice to find creative outlets to stimulate the mind and revive our old memories.  Studies have shown that Journaling about past memories has many health benefits such as reduced stress – which can lead to a more robust immune system, and more happy chemicals like dopamine, and of course…keeping our memory sharp. It is a staple of age to share stories with loved ones in hopes of good belly laughs and meaningful connections.

With a few simple steps, you can start your own routine of reliving  nostalgic memories. A great benefit of journaling is its permanence. Your journal can perpetuate your stories and can be kept within your family for generations to come. SO WHY WAIT! You can use this link to see a wide variety of customizable journals made with attention and care.  If you prefer to use your laptop, that works well too!  In fact, the hope is that you let the words flow, and as such, you may run out of printer ink when you’re ready to print a copy for friends or family.. so here’s a quick link to HP printer ink if you need it.

By Atticus Grey