An 85 year-old Woman’s Love for Sharks

Playing with Sharks: The Valerie Taylor Story 

Immerse yourself with the true story of a woman who dedicated her life to sharks. Sharks have always been viewed as vicious killers because they are the perfect killing machine, but excelling at something doesn’t mean that it is all you do. Sharks bring much more to the table and play a vital role in the oceanic environment. Valerie Taylor is an inspiration to not only women everywhere, but divers and ocean-lovers across the world as well. She actually prefers sharks to dogs! 

This documentary takes you on a rollercoaster through Valerie Taylor’s unbelievable life feats. From one of the first women to be filmed diving… to taking part in the first-ever film of sharks underwater… these are only the feats from the beginning of her journey. Watch and discover everything she has accomplished, and see her recount these memories at 85 years old. This is certainly a must-watch experience. 

Find it on Disney+ 

It is not currently available on other streaming platforms, but if you don’t have Disney+, it opens up a great opportunity to gather with family or friends who do. Enjoy discovering another side of sharks, and a woman who dedicated her life to them.