Auto Pet Feeder is hassle free for Seniors!

 Regardless of our age we all love our pets. However if you pile up ailments over the years, it can make taking care of our beloved companions hard.  Here are a few things that can make spending time with your best friend easier and safer.   Take a look at the wireless pet feeders. These brilliantly designed feeders are compatible with your iPhone and even with an Alexa. Using well-developed Bluetooth technology, feeding your dog or cat is just a couple clicks away.  No more bending over at every meal time! It works with a timer for when to dish up the next meal, and is programmable for the amount of food to disburse.  It’s practically magic!

If you want to keep it simpler, try the adjustable and elevated food bowls which can help your pet avoid pushing food over the rim or making water messes, and it’s healthier for medium to large dogs who digest better if they are not eating from the floor level.  This simple and intuitive design is also great for those owners afflicted with back pain since you don’t have as far to go…

In the end however, we don’t get these devices just because they are incredibly helpful and intuitive. We get these devices for our pets as a way of saying thank you. Thank you for late night cuddle buddies, for home protectors, heart warmers, and for being our best friends!