Step It Up a Notch to be sure your feet are comfortable!

As we age, most all of us will understand what this article points out: “your skin gets thinner and you lose fat padding on the bottom of your feet, so you may need extra cushioning in your shoes in order to stay comfortable. Your joints also get stiffer, and your arches get flatter. Plus, your feet tend to spread out more as tendons and ligaments lose strength, so you may find that you need a bigger or wider shoe than you used to.”

The link below points out many extremely helpful tips – some of them you know, but some may be new news.. such as going shopping for shoes later in the day since feet expand over the course of the day, so this way you get a more accurate fit!  Check out 18 suggestions HERE of shoes in various categories in case you want a closer look at some of the more popular choices these days..

Then again there are several suggestions  of Travel shoes for women over 60 that are great looking and extremely comfortable with great support:

Fashion for Women Over 60: What are the Most Comfortable Travel Shoes for Older Women?