D is for the dozens of reasons Vitamin D & the sun are great for you!

With the sun making a comeback and warming things up, this is the time of year everyone is eager to get back outside. Vitamin D is very important to our bodies and our mental health, but it can also be dangerous to aging skin. Making sure you can properly take care of your skin while basking in the sun is critical. People who find their skin getting thinner or more vulnerable to the sun will find non-scented lotions with SPF included very helpful. Sunscreen itself is always a good option, but if you’re just having a nice stroll – adding SPF lotion to your morning routine would be healthy as well. 

Attached HERE is an article on all the various benefits of Vitamin D – including: fighting diseases, regulating mood and reducing depression, and supporting weight loss. It also includes what comes with vitamin D deficiency, what happens when you have too much vitamin D, and foods that you can get vitamin D from. 

Additionally, we’ve included this article on how to care for vulnerable skin as you age:  Skincare in your 60s & 70s